Våfflan - one of the kind!
She is the absolut queen of the lagottobreed.
 On saturday Våfflan and I went to an internationell kennelclub show in Askersund.
Våfflan 11½ years old, became BOB and BOB-veteran of 22 lagotto.
In the finals she went 4th BOG and then 4th Best in show veteran. Three different judges placed her like this. It was sunny and hot but Våfflan was on top anyhow.
She is a marwalleous little dog as the judge Eva Jönsson said.
Breeder of the year 2005,2006,2007,2008 and 2009.

           Våfflan did it one more time.

She became BOB at the kennelclub show on the 23td of april in Västerås. The judge wrote that Våfflan moved and showed like a young dog and that she was a very good profile for the breed.

Later Våfflan became third BIS- veteran of nearly 25 finalists. She was one of the oldest.

                        Bild Emma Mattsson

  2009 was a good year for Bonebreakers

 Our grand old lady did it again!!!

Lagotto of the year i Sweden is Multi Winner Cobby´s Cirena - Våfflan  (11 years in march).

She is also the best broadbitch in the breed  2005, 2006, 2007 , 2008 and 2009.

She has also a lot of BIS-placement for veterans at big shows.

We have had another fantastic year in the showrings for Bonebreakers.  A lot of breedersgroups have had fine prices in the final rings and always price of honour.

Second best bitch is Våfflans daughter  B Tenerezza and she i qualifaid for CIB.

 B Vin´cita  is number nine most winning female i the breed 2009.

We also have Bacetto 2nd best male, Tentatore 3rd best male, Viandante on 6th place and Compagnone on place 7 besta male. He is also "studdog of the year" with his offsprings.



Stockholms Kennelclubs internationell dogshow at the 12th of april at Kistamässan. Judge: Manola Poggessi, Italiy . Entered 38 lagottis

BOB with CACIB,  INT/Nord U Ch Bonebreakers Tentore

BOS, his mother Multich Cobby's Cirena 10 years old.

2 Best dog  with R-CACIB Ch B Bacetto

4 Best dog Ch B Viandante

2 Best bitch, best juniorbitch, CK and CAC  B Girasole

3 Best bitch with CACIB Ch B Vin´cita

4 Best bitch with R-CACIB B Tenerezza

Juniorbitches B Granita 2nd juniorbitch with CK and B Gentelidezza 3rd juniorbitch with CK.

Best progentygroup with Price of honour Våfflan with offsprings.  Ended 2 BIS-group

Best breeders group with price of honour Bonebreakers-

Swedish Winners - 09 at the kennelclub show in Malmö 21 of Mars.

Judge: Poul Örnermark, Denmark 52 entered lagotti.

BOB with CAC



SUCH DKUCH Bonebreakers Tenerezza

BOS and best male with CAC

SUCH Bonebreakers Viandante. Owner Björn Wallin


Tenerezzas son B Giradiniere - Totti (10 month) had a CK and went SV- Junior winner 09


What a start of 2009 for Bonebreakers!

BOB in Gothenburg januari My Dog both days.

BOB in Finland januari B Vincita

BOB in Norway Februari B Vincita

BOB and BOS at Swedish Winner in Malmö in Mars

The most winning lagottokennel at official shows in Sweden for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Thank´s to all my woundeful owners of Bonebreakers lagottis.


Våfflan has her 10th birthday on the 29th of Mars.

Still going strong.



The most winning bitch with her offsprings in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

11 of her 13 poffsprings is now showchampions of different kinds.


Kennel Bonebreakers ended 2008 with a big thing!

We became the BEST PROGENECY GROUP OF ALL BREEDS at the big kennelclub show in december in Stockholm. What a day.




A very good day for Bonebreakers again.


Bonebreakers ViandanteBOB, with CC and BOG-3  
Västerås 19/4 WKK, 37 Lagotto entered för italian judge S Tripoli.

Våfflan with her offspring became BIS progeny group.

Here she comes, the top winning showLagotto in Sweden 2007.

Cobby's Cirena – Våfflan, did it again, nearly 9 years old.  
She had a lot of BOB and group placements in 2007.
She is also the winning bitch in the breed with her offsprings.
Of her 13 offsprings are 9 champions and more will come.

Her son Multi Ch B Coppertino is the top winning dog for the 4:th year in Sweden.

Kennel Bonebreakers is the top winning kennel at shows in Sweden for 2007.
Thaks to all my owners of Bokebreakrsdogs. The kennel have only breed 38 Lagottis since the start.
This year we celEbrate 10 years with this fantastic breed.

Now we are planning for  puppies from B Tenerezza to start with some new stars from our kennel.

A new star is born, and one is still shineing bright!

Swedish Winnershow at Österbybruk the 12:th of may.
BOB and SV-07: my lovely veteran Cobby's Cirena.
BOS and SV-07 with CC and CACIB wasBonebreakers Bacetto. Congratulations to the owners family Wassberg.
There was also a lot of other dogs from the kennel prosducing good results. Look at the Swedish page.
The kennel had Best Breeders group with price of honour
and the Best Progenty group, also with a price of honour, was Cirenas group.
This group was also placed 3 BIS Progenty group in the big ring
Judge: Bo Skalin. 67 entried lagotto.


BOB, BOB-Veteran BIG-3 and 2 BIS progenygroup at WKK big show, april 22 in Västerås.

Her son B Tentatore won his eight CC and ended as 2 Best male.
Scandinavian CH B Condiscendenza was 2 BB after mother Våfflan.
The progenygroup and our breeders group was both best groups in the Lagottoring with price of honour.

Våfflan is the first lagotto to participate at the supershow Veteran of Veterans at Grand Hotel!

It was a wounderfoul show with lots of glitter and glamour on both owners and all those superdogs who was invited this evening. It was the most winning veterans of the showyear 2006. We didnt win, but we were there.
It will be a memory for life, and Våfflan behaved super.

Våfflan is still going strong.
Won BOB at Stockholm Kennelclub show at Easter day.

Våfflans son B Compagnone was BOS and other sons of Våfflan was 2, 3 and 4 Best dog.
There was 47 Lagotti entered this day and the judge was Bertil Lundgren.
In the finals Våfflan was placed 5 Best Veteran of all breeds and her progenty group was placed 5 best group to.

BIS-R Progeny-group at Stora Stockholm Show!

10 december, Älvsjö
Våfflan was 2:nd Best bitch and B Coppertino 2:nd best male with res-CACIB
3:rd best male
was B Vermiglio, 4:th best maleB Tentatore with CC.
Gleska Big Bertha was Reserve best bitch withCC and Yllegårdens Com-To Topolino Reserve best male, both are grandchildren of Våfflan.
Bonebreakers Breedersgroup won with HP.
Våfflans Progenygroup was Best progenygroup with HP and became BIS-R-group in the Finals.